Interview – David Meece!

DM05I am a huge, huge fan of David Meece! Check out my interview with him here!




33995_129583347077247_5024195_n I love Sherlock Holmes! He is fast becoming one of my favorite characters! Check out this interview I did with Steven Doyle, author of SHERLOCK HOLMES FOR DUMMIES over at SVT!

Click the link here.

Talking Comedy With Ted Daniels

Ted Daniels Image Hey there:

Check out my interview comedian Ted Daniels!

We talk his upcoming appearance at the Ramsey Knights of Columbus and ask to support a fellow comedian’s wife’s battle with cancer!

Check it out here.

Arthur Conan Doyle Obit


I’ve been on a bit of a Sherlock Holmes quest and I find myself reading more and more of it. Check out Doyle’s obit here.

Arthur Conan Doyle Obit

Interview with Heather Garside: curator of Lambert Castle (Passaic County)

I could not have written anything without the help of the Passaic County Historical Society. I had the chance to be a part of an amazing web site called The History Girl. Check out my interview with Heather Garside, the curator for Lambert Castle, of the Passaic County Historic Society here.

Interview with the Timony Twins

205496_1885811417399_7905304_nI have been a fan of Bobby and Peter Timony and I interview them about their comic DETECTOBOT. Check it out here!


CONVERSATION with Twin Comics Creators Bobby and Peter Timony from Don Smith on Vimeo.

INTERVIEW: Gabriel Diani & Etta Devine

1184830_643977825625860_1300176314_nCheck out my interview with Gabriel Diani and Etta Devine here

New York Comic Con – review of “Justice Angel” & interview with Neil Gibson!

New York Comic Con – review of “Justice Angel” & interview with Neil Gibson!.

New York Comic Con – review of “Justice Angel” & interview with Neil Gibson!

Click on the photo to see the review of Justice Angel and the interview with Neil Gibson.

ja_excerpt cover

Neil Gibson  Don Smith

Frank N. Stein Review / New Publication


First, check out the video of a comic book I reviewed here:

Also check out my review here.

I also had the honor of writing the introduction for this amazing publication Midnight Circus from EAB Publishing that writer Aaron Stueve edited it!



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