DOLLS OF DESPAIR Reviews “Ghost Investigator” #1

ghost-investigator-1-comic-cover1.jpgHey there;

Check out this awesome review from Debi Blount from DOLLS OF DESPAIR here!

” I love this tidy little gem, and being a bit of an “inker” myself of course adore the ink and illustrations; really ties it all together quite nicely.”


Bill Oberst Goes “COYOTE”

Bill Oberst

Bill Oberst Jr.

I have made it clear that I am a huge fan of Bill Oberst Jr.! He is one of the finest actors and I have the privilege of interviewing him for my show “Conversations with Friends and Creators.”

(You can see it here).

Check out Bill’s new movie COYOTE. Here is the summary:

Coyote is a surreal look into the broken mind of mentally disturbed writer, Bill (Bill Oberst, Jr.) as he chronicles his nightmares and hallucinations. Compulsive insomnia drives Bill over the edge of sanity as his aggressive behavior evolves into a sadistic rampage.

This movie is directed by the amazing up and Trevor Juenger.

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New Book Available, New Bluewater Comic, and New Comic Page

Courtesy of Celebrate Regenerate

I have made it abundantly clear I love DOCTOR WHO. I had the opportunity to contribute to a free fan book called CELEBRATE REGENERATE. I wrote an article for it talking about how the episode – “The Lodger” could be a great entry point for non-Who fans into the show.

I am really, really quite proud of this and the amazing Lewis Christian deserves a round of applause for his hard work putting this together!

Download the book for free here.

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