DOLLS OF DESPAIR Reviews “Ghost Investigator” #1

ghost-investigator-1-comic-cover1.jpgHey there;

Check out this awesome review from Debi Blount from DOLLS OF DESPAIR here!

” I love this tidy little gem, and being a bit of an “inker” myself of course adore the ink and illustrations; really ties it all together quite nicely.”

One thought on “DOLLS OF DESPAIR Reviews “Ghost Investigator” #1

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    For anyone into comic books, the paranormal, and comic books about the paranormal, check this out. A writer friend of mine, Don Everett Smith Jr., received an “awesome review” on a comic book he contributed to as editor and script writer. He is the author of two books, Hawthorne (NJ; Images of America) and The Goffle Road Murders of Passaic County: The 1850 Van Winkle Killings (NJ). HIs website is

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