A Covenant Conversation: Christianity & Homosexuality

Paige TalkHi there:

Most of the time I publish my works in the field of Sherlock and Comic Books and other Science Fiction. But this time I decided to get personal. 

I had been disturbed by the animosity between the LGBT community and the Christian community, and  I have never been one to have my faith hidden. I reached out to my old college friend Paige Wolfberger, who is gay and a minister with the First Congregational Church in Dundee, Illinois.

She was kind enough to join me and we recorded our talk.

For the last several years, it seemed that there has been chasm of differences between Christianity and the members of the LGBT Community. However, upon this discussion with Rev. Paige Wolfganger, we discussed one thing we had in common. It is something everybody has in common and it is this – JESUS LOVES YOU! 

So listen in!

A Covenant Conversation: A Discussion about Christianity and the LGBT Community from Don Smith on Vimeo.


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