Transitions Along the Lost Highway

Vampire eyes

I have been wandering the “lost highway” of sorts in recent weeks.

Life has been in a massive transition – chief of which has been my wife and I moved and staying with family before the next big step. My “rent payin'” job came to an end and I immediately began a new summer job.

These have taken up a great deal of my time and have prevented me from posting here and on The Sherlock Conversations.

I hope to be posting there again very soon.    Continue reading


A Conversation for the Better: Alexandra Eshenbaugh

Alex E South Africa Trip 2 0619Alexandra Eshenbaugh is an old friend from way back in the day (ie. before we were 29). I remember sitting across from her in a room testing for the same school (we were both 10). I accidentally kicked her while singing the theme to the old “GI JOE” cartoon. By God’s good grace we ended up in the same school and even the same carpool! Continue reading