A Conversation for the Better: Alexandra Eshenbaugh

Alex E South Africa Trip 2 0619Alexandra Eshenbaugh is an old friend from way back in the day (ie. before we were 29). I remember sitting across from her in a room testing for the same school (we were both 10). I accidentally kicked her while singing the theme to the old “GI JOE” cartoon. By God’s good grace we ended up in the same school and even the same carpool!

Over the years I watched how she became a college student, a wife and a mother with a literal flair for the dramatic!

Now, thanks to to Facebook, she mentioned about an upcoming trip to South Africa, I had to have her on my site to discuss her trip! She is raising money to go in Sept. 2016 and you can help her by visiting here.

Her goal is to help raise awareness about HIV and sexual activity  in Johannesburg.

We got into a very frank and honest discussion about sexuality and Christianity. While I put it on this page (where you can see previous interviews I have done to “make the world a bit better”), I will post my interview with her here.

Conversation for the Better: Alexandra Eshenbaugh from Don Smith on Vimeo.





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