Transitions Along the Lost Highway

Vampire eyes

I have been wandering the “lost highway” of sorts in recent weeks.

Life has been in a massive transition – chief of which has been my wife and I moved and staying with family before the next big step. My “rent payin'” job came to an end and I immediately began a new summer job.

These have taken up a great deal of my time and have prevented me from posting here and on The Sherlock Conversations.

I hope to be posting there again very soon.   

Finally, “The Vampire of the Lost Highway” is no longer with the publisher of the first two issues.  It was not my choice and it certainly was not because of the quality of the product or financial reasons.  It was a well crafted product that some very fine creators such as Don Alan Smith and James Burton put a great deal of effort into making.

At the moment issues #1 and #2 are not available for the public.

This was not my choice.

And it has left me in a challenging situation.

I am in talks with other venues and organizations to bring the “Vampire” back.

Let me say this, and I want you to read this very clearly:

The Vampire’s return is inevitable!

However, production of issue #3 has been completed.

I currently have two amazing artist who I will publicly name – Chandra P. Kelly and Brenda Salazar – who are hard at work on the next issues of the “Vampire.”

Last night, my old friend James Burton (from issue #2) has begun work on another issue of the “Vampire.” Here is art he sent me:

06282016 JAmes Burton Vampire-of-the-lost-highway Executioner

He has just finished an amazing run on James Schumacher’s groundbreaking series “Inheritance” which has blasted the doors off of the indy comic book world!  I bring up James Schumacher because, he was a friend in recent weeks.

As was Rusty Gilligan of “Mac and Trouble” and I want to say, “Thank you.”

And to all of you out there – thank you.

You will forever have me as your friend.


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