On January 9, 1850, Judge John Van Winkle and his wife, Jane, were brutally stabbed to death by their former farm hand, John Jonston, in their home on Goffle Road in Hawthorne, NJ (which is still standing). Their murder would go down in history as the first in Passaic County. Since the murder in 1850, it inspired the work of New Jersey’s greatest poet William Carlos Williams. Williams would go on to inspire the works of Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. In 1850, with the execution of Jonston, it became the first execution in Passaic County. The newspaper accounts of the day go into great depths to describe the day. As recorded in The New York Times in 1882 “the abode of unearthly visitants,” there have been documented occurrences of the unexplained occurring, and the current owner, Henry Tuttman is working to bring the house in the 21st Century while retaining the heritage of the house.

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Hawthornne residents can boast of the area’s role in the American Revolution remember all who served during wartime, and trace countless families who have lived here for generations. Hawthorne captures the history of this north Jersey borough, home of General Lafayette’s local headquarters, whicH today houses the town offices. It echoes old-timers’ memories of days spent hiding and playing in Hawthorne’s high hills and then running down the steep slopes to the Passaic River for a swim.

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Celebrate Regenerate is an epic 303-page doorstop of a book, filled with celebratory articles for every televised Doctor Who story. Fandom has come together to build this wonderful archive of thoughts, memories and reviews, all in aid of the show’s 50th anniversary this year.

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Enter the world of the werewolf, where superstition abounds and shape shifting is possible! Find out what to do if you or a friend turns into a werewolf or other were-beast. Learn the differences between Therianthropy and Lycanthropy, discover the medical conditions such as hypertrichosis, clinical lycanthropy, hirsutism, and rabies that might cause you to think you are a werewolf. Meet real killers who thought that they had reign over the supernatural and could bend their bones! Take a fantastic journey through the transformation of the werewolf in the graphic novel industry and look into the darkest minds of those who claim to be flesh eaters. Come along for one wild ride and remember you too can bark at the moon!


This is the fourth volume in the series of Ghost Investigator books, containing true stories of haunted places in New York and New Jersey. The author has personally investiagted many of the sites, bringing a unique, firsthand perspective to the frightening world of ghost hunting.

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