A Conversation for the Better with Carla Ulbrich, Singer/Songwriter/Professional Smart Aleck

A Conversation for the Better: Carla Ulbrich, Singer/Songwriter/Professional Smart Aleck from Don Smith on Vimeo.

There is a lot of seriousness going on. For the last several years I have watched the amazing career of Carla Ulbrich who said “It’s okay to laugh!” Continue reading


Transitions Along the Lost Highway

Vampire eyes

I have been wandering the “lost highway” of sorts in recent weeks.

Life has been in a massive transition – chief of which has been my wife and I moved and staying with family before the next big step. My “rent payin'” job came to an end and I immediately began a new summer job.

These have taken up a great deal of my time and have prevented me from posting here and on The Sherlock Conversations.

I hope to be posting there again very soon.    Continue reading